Here’s what customers are writing about us:

“The best vegan pizza, and I would even argue, the best pizza in Toronto. The service is excellent and the pizza is even better.”

“The other reviews are spot on – the BBQ jackfruit pizza is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, vegan or otherwise! Light, crispy dough, perfect topping ratios, and amazing flavours.”

“Clearly the best vegan pizza in Toronto.”

“Honestly, the best pizza I have ever tried in Canada. I ordered the bbq jackfruit flavour and it’s to die for!”

“Definitely my favourite pizzeria!”

“The BEST pizza. They’re all delicious but their jackfruit pizza is amazing, just a fantastic combination of toppings/flavours/textures.”

“They have an excellent GF crust too, which is hard to find, and my kids love their pepperoni.”

“Their pizzas are so fresh and delicious! My favourite so far is the BBQ Jackfruit pizza.”

“This is their BBQ Jackfruit Pizza and the Garlic Knots. You guys 1st of all EVERY SINGLE PIZZA this place has is AMAZING!!! This one just happens to be my favorite”

“Wish I could give ten stars, but alas, I’m restricted to 5. Pizzeria…Du make me happy. It is truly everything you’d ever want to see in a vegan establishment. I’ve never been disappointed ordering anything here. The pizzas are good, the ice cream is heavenly, and the staff are top tier.”

“The best pizza crust I’ve ever tried. Probably hands down the best pizza I’ve ever tried (vegan or not).”

“Trying to go vegan, I thought that pizza will be THE thing I won’t be able to pass on. But this place is such an amazing surprise – high quality ingredients, lots of flavors and perfect dough.”

“Wish I could give more stars because they’re just that great! Hands down- the BEST plant based pizza I’ve had. Actually. I’ll say it. THE BEST pizza in the city! I highly recommend the pepperoni pizza and the Florence pizza. The garlic knots were divine also. I made a pickup order and it was quick and easy”

“I live around the corner from here and I’ve had their delicious gelato a bunch but decided to order pizza for takeout today and my god. My mind is blown. The Mediterranean pizza is absolutely amazing. This is my first time having pizza without daiya cheese and it was incredible.”

“Best vegan pizza i have ever eaten. Such nice service. I recommend!!”

“LOVE THIS PLACE! Their vegan pepperoni pizza is to die for”

“This is the best pizza I’ve ever had, vegan or not! The crust is amazing, and the toppings are on point. We had the Mediterranean, which has a nice blend of flavours, and the BBQ jackfruit, which was also great.”

“Honestly, the best pizza we have ever had! Pepperoni was heavenly”

“The vegan cheese is just as flavorful as dairy, but isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy after.”

“The best vegan and gluten free pizza in the city! We drive from North Scarborough to get takeout. Love the Mediterranean and the BBQ Jackfruit pizza’s. Highly recommended!!!!!!”

“Best vegan pizza in Toronto! The flavors are delicious and unique. I order the Mediterranean and Margherita once per week so I can support this great local business.”

“The pizza here is excellent. They did such a good job of making vegan food that doesn’t feel like it’s lacking anything.”

“Since I took a chance with Pizzeria Du last year, it’s been a staple in the house. My non-vegan family members no longer enjoy any other pizza.”